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An established family business in Long Island, Tragar provides superior products and services to meet all of your heating and cooling needs. We are committed to unparallelled customer service, ensuring every call is answered by a member of our friendly, professional team and emergencies are serviced within two hours. We are a green energy company that continues to improve our products, such as providing bioheat, a plant-based heating oil. We provide reliable oil delivery & discounted natural gas delivery. Our expert service and installations include oil-heat, A/C and gas-heat service, service contracts, installations and conversions. Tragar also believes a healthy home is as important as a comfortable home, and specializes in affordable whole house water filtration systems to provide pure, healthy water for your family. Thank you for choosing Tragar as your Long Island energy company.

Helpful Tips From Tragar

The Difference Between Propane and Natural Gas

At Tragar Home Services we know you hear a lot about the different types of fuel and heating systems out there. Very often you’ll hear about oil heat and we’ve been in the oil heat business for more than 60 years. But we also work with other types of heating systems. Two of the most… Read More»

Converting Your Home to Natural Gas with Tragar

If you’re a homeowner thinking of making the switch to gas heat, you’ve probably seen a lot of advertising and literature about oil to gas conversion.  All of the talk out there may be confusing and if you’re considering the switch or just interested in understanding the ins and outs of a conversion, Tragar Home Services wants… Read More»

What Insulation is Best for My Home?

How Do I Know What Insulation To Get? We’re at the height of winter and that means worrying about your costly home heating bills. You also might have concerns about whether your home is being heated enough. If you feel a draft inside some rooms that may mean you’re letting both money and heat escape… Read More»

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